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  The CD-Pocket Photo Book
Bridging digital photography
with classic display
CD-Pocket Photo Book
No more boxes and drawers full of photos! Technology allows us to download and keep all of our digital images in files on our computers.  But what about our latest trip or family event. The pictures are there but who looks at them? And how many are ever printed and framed?

With the SuzeCo CD-Pocket Photo Book you can organize your pictures. First choose your favorites from a recent event, print them and slide them into the frame on each page of your archival quality photo book. Then copy the rest of the pictures from that event onto a CD and slide it into the pocket on the back of the book.  

The arrival of a new baby, a recent trip, your child's ballgame or dance recital, a family wedding, ... any and all of your family memories can now be organized in your own photo book library.